Open Exchange Online Powershell with MFA enabled

Connect to Exchange Online Powershell with MFA enabled

Step 1
Login to

Step 2
Open Admin Center by clicking Admin gear icon.

Step 3
Open Exchange Admin center.  Click on Exchange from Admin Centers.  Click Show All if Admin Center is hidden.

Click on Exchange to Open Exchange Admin Center.

Step 4
You have to install Exchange Online Powershell module. This is a one-time installation. Once it is installed it will open the same module and authenticate. i.e. You don’t need to install it every time you try to authenticate.

To module download Open Exchange Admin Center –> Hybrid –> Configure to download Exchange Online Powershell module as in the following screenshotThis supports MFA and manages securely.

Open the downloaded applet.

Click Install

This will install the Microsoft Exchange Online Powershell Module and open Exchange Online Powershell.

Step 5
Enter the following command to connect to your account.


You will have to authenticate again with OTP.

Now you are connected to Exchange Online Powershell with an MFA enabled user.


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